Definition of Doppler broadening in English:

Doppler broadening


mass nounPhysics
  • The broadening of spectral lines as a result of the different velocities of the emitting atoms giving rise to different Doppler shifts.

    • ‘For atomic spectra in the visible and UV, the limit on resolution is often set by Doppler broadening.’
    • ‘When the driving field is resonant, at a suitable Doppler width, we can get a maximum value of the gain without inversion, which is much larger than that obtained when Doppler broadening is absent.’
    • ‘In a low pressure gas, the main source of broadening is Doppler broadening from the thermal motion of the atoms or molecules of the gas.’
    • ‘Doppler broadening is due to the distribution of atomic velocities (speed and direction), which each have a Doppler shift with respect to an observer.’
    • ‘Alternatively, they are not optimum for elimination of Doppler broadening.’