Definition of Doppler radar in English:

Doppler radar


  • A radar tracking system using the Doppler effect to determine the location and velocity of a storm, clouds, precipitation, etc.

    • ‘The aircraft features a unique high-performance multimode active phased-array Doppler radar mission system, including on-board command and control and an advanced data-link suite.’
    • ‘Vans equipped with mobile Doppler radar surrounded the storm, and the trackers leapt out with camcorders in the hope of documenting this seldom-witnessed genesis.’
    • ‘Most Doppler radar systems use a filter to reduce clutter by eliminating all returns below a certain velocity.’
    • ‘Current systems rely on Doppler radar with a dish antenna that rotates to scan the surrounding terrain.’
    • ‘‘In the heart of Tornado Alley, twisters most often develop from relatively small ‘cell’ storms that look like blotches on a Doppler radar weather map,’ he said.’