Definition of Dorkland in English:



informal, derogatoryNew Zealand
  • The city of Auckland.

    ‘he needs to represent the good people of Dorkland who elected him’
    • ‘The city really would deserve the name "Dorkland".’
    • ‘Ask any developer how the Dorkland Super Council compares to doing business with the now superseded Papakura Council.’
    • ‘No sign of any discussion of any of these policy measures on the horizon in Dorkland.’
    • ‘Seems to me everyone wants to live in Dorkland. Why? Well it's beyond me.’
    • ‘He needs to be replaced by someone with the right alternative model for Dorkland.’
    • ‘The level of subsidy in Wellington is similar to what is calculated for Dorkland.’
    • ‘If it was possible in the Dorkland region, to develop exurbs with those economical features, I guarantee the demand would be massive.’
    • ‘in Dorkland, they are a million dollars because that is what the dirt they are sitting on is "worth" under the great Kiwi Ponzi scheme.’
    • ‘They are in cahoots with the property owners and know only too well that a big fat gouge of the Dorkland ratepayer is in process.’


1990s from dork, with reference to the city's staid image, especially as contrasted with the glamorous image of Wellington.