Definition of dorky in English:


adjectivedorkier, dorkiest

  • 1North American informal Socially inept or awkward.

    ‘he teases all the dorky kids’
    • ‘To me, he can be a little dorky, even nerdy.’
    • ‘You walked into school with the biggest dorkiest smile plastered on your face.’
    • ‘She bit her lip to keep back the grin that she knew would look dorky.’
    • ‘I've been playing these games pretty much my whole dorky life.’
    • ‘She turned to look at me and rolled her eyes like I was her best friend instead of her dorky niece.’
    • ‘He has no idea how dorky he is whereas I knew how dorky I was.’
    • ‘He's loose-limbed and dorky enough to work as an oddly romantic lead.’
    • ‘Who wants to see another dorky loser turns popular hottie story?’
    • ‘From the sound of it, Jake was doing the kind of dance dorky football players do after a touchdown.’
    • ‘He's affable but obnoxious, well-intentioned but downright dorky.’
    1. 1.1Unfashionable.
      ‘why would anyone wear such dorky glasses?’
      • ‘At the buffet, she met an eligible bachelor disguised in a dorky sweater.’
      • ‘Most are around 18, clean cut, and have to wear these dorky green aprons featuring the store logo.’
      • ‘I suddenly thanked the heavens that I'd changed out of my dorky school uniform before coming over.’
      • ‘He lives at home with his parents, he's stuck in a dead-end job, and he wears really dorky glasses.’
      • ‘She knew it was me right away because of my American Flag suitcases and the unmistakable glasses - they aren't dorky.’
      • ‘She clipped my hair up nicely so it didn't look dorky and still kept the hair our of my eyes.’
      • ‘He loses weight, gets contact lenses, dumps his dorky clothes and gets a nose job.’
      • ‘She is given to wearing dorky cardigans, ominously the sort draped over the shoulders when sitting up in a hospital bed.’
      • ‘If you are wearing normal cut socks with shorts, it won't matter what color they are, they will look dorky.’
      • ‘Before he had a chance to die, he spent his remaining years wearing dorky naval hats and creating new rules for his organization.’