Definition of doronicum in English:



  • A plant of the genus Doronicum in the daisy family, especially (in gardening) leopard's bane.

    • ‘The advantage for doronicums of being grown in shade is that their bright-yellow daisies don't bleach, as they do in sun.’
    • ‘Cut down spring flowering perennials - e.g. pulmonarias and doronicums - after flowering to produce a neat mound of new foliage.’
    • ‘Plant near purple honesty, the golden daisylike doronicums, orange and yellow wallflowers, or yellow and bronzy pansies.’
    • ‘The Chrysanthemum eelworm also attacks asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias, doronicums and some common garden weeds such as groundsel, sow thistle, buttercup and chickweed.’
    • ‘For early border flowers, doronicums, with their yellow dairy-type flowers, look good, while at the other end of the season schizostylis and varieties and hybrids Sedum spectabile will sustain the color.’


Modern Latin (Linnaeus), from modern Greek dōronikon, from Persian darūnak.