Definition of dosa in English:


noundosas, dosai

  • (in southern Indian cooking) a pancake made from rice flour and ground pulses, typically served with a spiced vegetable filling.

    ‘I feel like eating a masala dosa’
    • ‘To get them to overcome their suspicions we had to re-brand various local foods under familiar labels, presenting the dosai as pizza or pancakes and the buffalo curd as yoghurt.’
    • ‘There are vegetable springrolls, sandwiches, burgers, dosas and milk shakes to make it a sumptuous eat for all.’
    • ‘Ragi flour is made into the leavened pancakes called dosa and the thinner, unleavened roti.’
    • ‘I recommend their specials, salads and soups over their signature dosas.’
    • ‘All through the noon hour, fresh dosas and naan kept coming.’
    • ‘Among the entrées, the dosai is a large crêpe wrapped into a cone shape; lift the crêpe and there is a piece of sea bass done to flaky perfection with a swirl of light chutney.’
    • ‘There is a dosa and omelette counter, pasta and salad bars, as well as a spread of old favourites.’
    • ‘You can also get dosas, aapams, burgers, sandwiches, and shakes.’
    • ‘Idlis and dosas need not be prepared only from rice flour.’
    • ‘The dosai are served on long, thin wooden plates reflecting their size and shape.’
    • ‘There is also a ‘dosa festival’ at which as many as 130 varieties of dosas will be served between 4 and 9 p.m, every evening.’
    • ‘And for others, these dosas not only serve a sumptuous dinner but also leave a captivating charm which can titillate their tastebuds evening after evening.’
    • ‘The customers were served dosas on plantain leaves, and after washing their hands with soap-nut power, they were served hot coffee.’
    • ‘A live food counter would serve hot dosas and appams prepared right in front of your eyes.’
    • ‘Soaking the rice in boiling water for dosais and idlis seems to be a new concept.’
    • ‘Our sizzling starters arrive swiftly; a delicate dosa pancake stuffed with succulent prawns saturated with a hefty chilli kick for my friend, and garlic mushrooms spilling out of pan-fried peppers prepared in a tarka style for me.’
    • ‘In the land of idlis and masala dosas, does Italian food have any place?’
    • ‘Naan and roti share space on the same menu with idlis and dosais.’
    • ‘Families were still partial to idlis and dosas, and cereal for breakfast was unthinkable.’
    • ‘The 42-year-old activist has been running the small eating joint, popular for its piping hot idlis and dosas, for over two decades now opposite.’


From Tamil tōcai.