Definition of dose-response curve in English:

dose-response curve


  • The relationship between the size of a dose and the extent of the response to it.

    • ‘The most promising agents are characterised more fully in the animal models to evaluate, for example, dose-response curves, dosing regimens, and combinations with other agents tested.’
    • ‘Instead, their confirmation would question the prevailing paradigm of a linear dose-response curve for small doses of ionizing radiation on the population level in a fallout situation.’
    • ‘For measurements of bronchial responsiveness, cumulative dose-response curves for the changes in lung resistance with increasing doses of carbachol were constructed.’
    • ‘Indeed, an increase in the slope of the dose-response curve (airway reactivity) or in maximum bronchoconstrictor response may also be observed, although these are less commonly reported.’
    • ‘As opposed to data from an adult population, no plateau was reached in the dose-response curve using the above doses over time.’