Definition of dose equivalent in English:

dose equivalent


  • An estimate of the biological effect of a dose of ionizing radiation, calculated by multiplying the dose received by a factor depending on the type of radiation. It is measured in sieverts.

    • ‘Linear regression analysis was applied to assess the correlation between the dose equivalent of ionizing radiation to the whole body and MN frequency in exposed workers.’
    • ‘During a solar particle event, a passenger on a high-flying supersonic aircraft can receive a radiation dose equivalent to about one chest X ray an hour.’
    • ‘The total increase in cosmonaut exposure was about 6 or 7 rem, a dose equivalent to 100 to 150 days of additional radiation exposure.’
    • ‘All patients had undergone X-ray examination prior to the start of therapy (effective dose equivalent for a procedure involving two film exposures was 0.4-2.4 mSv).’
    • ‘All doses are expressed as dose equivalents in sieverts (Sv).’