Definition of dot matrix printer in English:

dot matrix printer


  • A printer that forms images of letters, numbers, etc., from a number of tiny dots.

    ‘A method and apparatus are provided for adaptively controlling printer functions of a dot matrix printer in response to sensing the type of printer ink cartridge being used.’
    • ‘Quickly, no one wanted a dot matrix printer anymore.’
    • ‘How about a dusty dot matrix printer or monochrome monitor?’
    • ‘The dot matrix printer and monitor fires come immediately to mind.’
    • ‘The first piece the visitor encountered in the exhibition was Slocum's Dot Matrix Synth, which uses an obsolete reprogrammed Epson LQ - 500 dot matrix printer to create music while simultaneously creating ‘ghost-like’ printouts.’
    • ‘The output from an Apple ImageWriter dot matrix printer was not good enough for final artwork - it had to be redone using traditional methods.’
    • ‘I don't see what the need for childish names is,’ Dylan replied, with a sigh, as he hit the icon which would send the paper off to his trusty dot matrix printer.’
    • ‘Today I have to get a ten year old dot matrix printer out of storage and get it operational.’
    • ‘After my first computer purchase, an Amiga 500, I saved for a further three months to buy a $399 9-pin full colour Star dot matrix printer at age 15.’
    • ‘Some of the anonymous letters were printed and on another occasion the retired lecturer was asked whether he had a dot matrix printer.’
    • ‘Ten years ago you couldn't walk through an office or computer lab without hearing the characteristic vrrr-clack-clack-clack-clack of a dot matrix printer performing its labour.’
    • ‘As the dot matrix printer fed the paper through it triggered the fall of another weight, and subsequently caused a seven foot long catapult to fire.’
    • ‘A sturdy spine of drone withstands the rigors of furious industrial beats, chopped feedback like metallic dandruff, and, of course, the electro-noise tool of choice, dot matrix printer squalls.’
    • ‘You can use dot matrix printers as rhythm machines, but with everything on earth already having been sampled for rhythm, it's not as noteworthy.’
    • ‘Inspired by dot matrix printers and the wares of a bulk novelties store, it was her first three-dimensional drawing.’
    • ‘The Symphony for dot matrix printers is a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance.’
    • ‘Little dot matrix printers muffled the clanging of the cast iron.’
    • ‘Fortunately dot matrix printers are also cheap or free as they are now considered to be junk, and since I have been doing the printer music numerous people have offered me their old printers.’
    • ‘Technological change may make present products obsolete (e.g. dot matrix printers have been made obsolete by the development of ink jet and laser printers).’
    • ‘A company manufacturing dot matrix printers aimed at selling its product on the Net.’


dot matrix printer

/ˌdät ˈmātriks ˌprin(t)ər/ /ˌdɑt ˈmeɪtrɪks ˌprɪn(t)ər/