Definition of dot product in English:

dot product


another term for inner product
  • ‘Mathematically, the echo to be subtracted for each voice sample is given by the dot product of two vectors of dimension equal to the number of taps.’
  • ‘Orthogonality is treated almost exclusively in terms of the dot product on R n.’
  • ‘We obtain subsequent alcohol concentrations c by calculating the vector dot product of the regression vector b and each measured absorbance spectrum x.’
  • ‘Calculation of vector dot product is an integral part of many fragment shader effects that it's desirable to run on a 3D GPU.’
  • ‘The dot product of the two local helix direction vectors then provides the angle between the two directions.’
  • ‘The calculation of the dot product between a displacement vector and the full set of normal modes identifies which modes contribute most to the given displacement.’
  • ‘Notice finally that the Debreu notation, measuring inputs as negative and outputs as positive, makes it very easy to express the idea of profit as a simple dot product q x y, which further simplifies the exposition of the Walrasian model.’
  • ‘Each Xbox 360 core has 128 vector registers per hardware thread, with a dot product instruction, and a shared 1 - MB L2 cache.’
  • ‘Fig.8 shows the squared overlap (square dot product, plot a) and the cumulative squared overlap (plot b) of the modes with the difference vector.’
  • ‘Evident Technologies today introduced the first commercially available non heavy-metal quantum dot product for life science research, its Molecular Plate T2 - MP EviTags.’
  • ‘Compressed textures, environment mapping, and dot product bump mapping are supported but there's no hardware T&L (a requirement in many games).’
  • ‘The PS3 can handle 51-billion dot product operations per second and the Xbox can handle 33.6.’
  • ‘Moreover, the dot products between the vectors { m 1 } obtained from PCA at all temperatures always exceed 0.98, indicating that this motion, as such, is not tcmperature-dependent.’
  • ‘The RSX also has 512MB of graphics render memory and is capable of 100 billion shader operations and 51 billion dot products per second.’
  • ‘Because the nonreversal random walk lacks correlations, the persistence length [lambda] can be related to the thermal average of the dot products of neighboring segments.’