Definition of dotard in English:


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  • An old person, especially one who has become physically weak or whose mental faculties have declined.

    ‘Which, unfortunately, the wilting dotards are too frightened to do themselves.’
    • ‘He wants to reform the impossibly cliquey party, long ruled by smug dotards who have turned political nest-feathering into a national art-form to rival ikebana and origami.’
    • ‘In Laputa Gulliver finds the wise men so wrapped up in their speculations as to be utter dotards in practical affairs.’
    • ‘Some people, including some opponents, seem to feel that this malevolent dotard was, somewhere, innocent of proper thought and responsibility.’
    • ‘But his would-be debonair, self-satisfied yet insecure dotard could not be more appropriately laughable or pitiful.’
    retired person, pensioner, old-age pensioner, OAP



/ˈdōdərd/ /ˈdoʊdərd/


Late Middle English from dote+ -ard.