Definition of dotted line in English:

dotted line


  • 1A line made up of dots or dashes (often used in reference to the space left for a signature on a contract)

    ‘Adam signed on the dotted line’
    • ‘The addition of information on relatives for genetic evaluation is depicted by dotted lines, while dashed lines designate the use of predicted BLUP values.’
    • ‘Vertical full lines delimit introns, and vertical dotted lines delimit the intergenic spaces.’
    • ‘Dorsal and ventral clone borders are indicated by white dashed and yellow dotted lines, respectively.’
    • ‘There are solid lines, dotted lines, boxes, circle nodes and arrows, and two mysterious letters A and B, but no explanation of any of these designations.’
    • ‘Couper's suggestion of using dotted lines and short dashed lines for the bonds between atoms was a much better system and was soon widely adopted.’
    • ‘Solid, dashed, and dotted lines correspond to first, second, and third extractions.’
    • ‘It seems most people sign on the dotted line without reading the contract.’
    • ‘The dotted line is a reference line indicating the maximum value shown by the shallow slope trees.’
    • ‘The dotted and dashed line is the model fit; the dotted lines form the 95% confidence envelope’
    • ‘The dotted lines indicate the route the tram was about to take before it stopped’
    • ‘Signing on the dotted line could cause any number of subsequent legal hassles.’
    • ‘The blue dotted line is the flight between Sydney to Adelaide and back again.’
    • ‘Dark regions indicated by the dotted lines are flaws that generated optical interference.’
    • ‘But when the contracts were announced, his name was on the dotted line after all.’
    • ‘He should have known all about the job before he signed on the dotted line of a very generous contract.’
    • ‘Horizontal dotted lines show the critical value of the chi-square statistic at the 0.01 level of significance.’
    • ‘The dotted lines indicate acceptable level of grass quality.’
    • ‘An ideal plot will be a straight line that runs along the dotted line, which is the target color temperature.’
    • ‘Data above the dotted line indicate a mass gain; data below the line indicate mass loss.’
    • ‘I signed my name on the dotted line and smiled as I passed the contract to the manager.’
  • 2An indirect, informal, or secondary line of responsibility within an organization (as represented by a dotted line on an organizational chart)

    ‘I report to Hal Jones, our CFO, with a dotted line to the audit committee’
    • ‘The networks report directly to Kellner, with a dotted line to Ancier.’
    • ‘As I envision it, the banking head would report to Geithner with a dotted line to the Fed's Bernanke taking the day-to-day load off their respective plates.’
    • ‘Because infosecurity resides in the IT department, the director of IT security reports to the CIO but maintains a dotted line to Becker.’
    • ‘I have a dotted-line report to the finance function in Amsterdam, but we are governed and managed by the regional office.’
    • ‘Given such close cooperation - which includes cross-functional teams, dotted-line reporting relationships, and various forms of resource sharing - one might ask, why create a separate organization at all?’


dotted line

/ˌdädəd ˈlīn/ /ˌdɑdəd ˈlaɪn/