Definition of dotted rhythm in English:

dotted rhythm


  • Rhythm in which the beat is unequally subdivided into a long dotted note and a short note.

    • ‘The meter, complexity of rhythms created by dotted rhythms, triplets and irregular accents manifest the spirit of Korean peasant dance and music.’
    • ‘In addition to quarters, eighths and sixteenth notes, triplets and dotted rhythms are used tastefully and add variety.’
    • ‘Anthems written for the Chapel Royal at this time make much use of jaunty dotted rhythms in triple time, with accompaniments, ritornellos, and overtures for violins.’
    • ‘This is an ideal variation for students to learn dotted rhythms, finger precision, mordents and slurring, since the third eighth note in each beat sounds best if it is not connected to the next beat.’
    • ‘In the opera, the free parts assert their baroque affinities with characteristic dotted rhythms.’