Definition of double-acting in English:



  • 1(of a device or product) combining two different functions.

    ‘it is double-acting: it guards your radiator against freeze-ups and helps prevent rust’
    • ‘These double-acting pumps required an initial outlay of $613,000 and cost $11,600 to operate.’
    • ‘The track and suspension system is fitted with RMSh track and rubber-tyred road wheels, torsion bar suspension with hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorbers.’
    • ‘These double-acting jacks use power wedge setters to seat the wedges into the anchor before retracting.’
    • ‘The dual-chamber, double-acting, drug-packing ‘nanocell’ proved effective and safe, with prolonged survival, against two distinct forms of cancers-melanoma and Lewis lung cancer in mice.’
    • ‘It is essentially a double-acting press with horizontal motions rather than vertical.’
    • ‘The ball-check style of pump is typically referred to as a double-acting ball-check pump because of its ability to pump in both directions.’
    • ‘Powered by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, the blade simply pushes loaded material rearward, out of the body to the fill area.’
  • 2(of an engine) having pistons pushed from both sides alternately.

    • ‘The booster is a simple reciprocating double-acting steam engine which is self-contained and is attached to the frame of the [trailer] truck through a three-point suspension.’
    • ‘The opposed pistons are double-acting, performing a two-stroke engine power cycle on facing ends and induction and scavenge air compression on their outside ends, all within the same cylinder bore.’
    • ‘Common types of compressors are single-acting piston, double-acting piston, and centrifugal.’
    • ‘But the principle of generating steam in a boiler, under pressure and using it to push pistons back and forth in two or more double-acting cylinders, is just the same.’
    • ‘Watt's innovation, the addition of a separate steam condenser and a double-acting cylinder, came to him as he attempted to repair a model of Thomas Newcomen's steam engine.’