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  • Denoting a test or trial, especially of a drug, in which any information which may influence the behavior of the tester or the subject is withheld until after the test.

    Compare with single-blind

    ‘a 12-week double-blind trial’
    • ‘Teaching pupils the rudiments of double-blind tests, clinical trial methods and general principles of factoring studies for other influences would clear these scientific confusions.’
    • ‘Both have been tested in double-blind trials and found to help relieve symptoms of frequent urination in mild prostate enlargement.’
    • ‘I strongly advise you to conduct proper double-blind tests of any ability you believe you can demonstrate, before attempting to undergo a testing for this prize.’
    • ‘I challenged him to a simple international double-blind test in which he would be asked to identify which of several flasks had been activated.’
    • ‘If a curative effect doesn't show up in double-blind tests, then you're mainly talking about the placebo effect, in any case.’
    • ‘Afterward, we would try some double-blind tests of their claims.’
    • ‘I am only interested in proper double-blind tests, as I pointed out to you in our previous correspondence.’
    • ‘Currently, this is the only pharmaceutical agent that has undergone thorough study in double-blind trials and is the only FDA-approved drug specific for IC.’
    • ‘And it isn't clear how much of that research would meet the gold standard in clinical research, the controlled, randomised, double-blind trial.’
    • ‘In December, researchers at the University of Wisconsin reported the results of a double-blind test of echinacea, a popular herbal remedy for the common cold.’
    • ‘A multicenter, randomized, double-blind trial was conducted at 45 health centers in Norway between 1996 and 1998.’
    • ‘The research, funded by the National Institutes of Health, was notable because it was double-blind clinical trials, the gold standard of medical research.’
    • ‘The authors studied 29 randomized, double-blind trials that documented reductions in lesions, and several systematic reviews.’
    • ‘The study was conduced as a randomized, double-blind crossover trial over 7 consecutive weeks during the months of November and December.’
    • ‘The study was a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover trial in healthy volunteers.’
    • ‘Nine other studies were not included because they were not randomized, double-blind trials, meaning that their results could be biased.’
    • ‘This, too, is subject to simple double-blind evaluation.’
    • ‘Initial trials looked encouraging; however, it lost its allure after double-blind trials.’
    • ‘Several recent double-blind trials have found that this herb has no advantage over placebo for treating colds.’
    • ‘Proper experiments should be double-blind, Carnoy says, as in drug trials.’



/ˌdəbəlˈblīnd/ /ˌdəbəlˈblaɪnd/