Definition of double-crosser in English:



See double-cross

  • ‘We're involved with double-crosses which double-cross the double-crossers, masquerades, funny costumes, kung-fu jumps, cute bottoms and villains who are revealed suddenly, surprising absolutely no one.’
  • ‘The fun of seeing the scammers get scammed and double-crossers double-cross each other is ruined by the nastiness of the characters' behaviour.’
  • ‘Blackmail, extortion, informing - and I'd be able to spot the double-crossers before they got to me.’
  • ‘For once he is not a sweet and intelligent loser, but a charming double-crosser and is better for it.’
  • ‘Make sure it'll make any potential double-crossers think twice before messing with me.’
  • ‘You turn-coats, traitors and double-crossers are not welcome to peruse the Republic's finest source of news-worthy material.’
  • ‘Why did I choose to be a traitor and a two-faced double-crosser?’
  • ‘Can't they seem him for the shady, underhanded double-crosser he is?’
  • ‘He'd figure me out as some sort of double-crosser and God only knows what would happen then.’
  • ‘When she tells him she's not going through with the divorce, he calls her a ‘dirty little double-crosser.’’