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  • Something, especially a bus, that has two floors or levels.

    as modifier ‘a double-decker bus’
    • ‘double-decker sandwiches’
    • ‘The boot has a double-decker floor whose upper level aligns with the rear seats when they are folded.’
    • ‘Now he met his wife Primrose on the upper floor of a double-decker bus going home from Medical School to his digs.’
    • ‘Stagecoach, one of the world's biggest bus and rail operators, already has similar double-decker buses running in Hong Kong.’
    • ‘But when the proposed cost of such a thing worked out at 9 billion, they decided to build a double-decker bus instead.’
    • ‘An East European student has been polishing up his English while helping to restore a vintage double-decker bus.’
    • ‘The row of guards ended at the van, which was really a double-decker bus.’
    • ‘The double-decker coach from Bendigo made exciting viewing, tilting, lurching and leaning.’
    • ‘On June 26th (it's that date again) all the double-deckers on Route 25 will be replaced by single-decker double-length buses, with less seats but more standing room.’
    • ‘There, they don't battle the double-decker buses in traffic, like their counterparts in the city.’
    • ‘Later today a double-decker bus will leave Gigg Lane for Old Trafford.’
    • ‘A gathering of around 70 buses from double-deckers and single-deckers to bendy buses attracted some 3,000 people to the Thamesdown Transport's Centenary Bus Rally at the Wroughton Science Museum.’
    • ‘‘I think double-deckers can contribute in making bus travel a real pleasure,’ said Nabeel, manager of a career counselling firm.’
    • ‘After a security check, they were bussed to Dublin Castle in a fleet of double-deckers complete with Garda escort - which proved to be the second-most exciting part of the day out!’
    • ‘Also, on peak-time return trips the buses were seriously overloaded with standing passengers even on the top deck of double-deckers, far exceeding the safety capacity stated on the bus.’
    • ‘Even after the arrival of the hi-tech buses and Volvo buses, the double-deckers are the pride of the KSRTC and the capital and the envy of outsiders.’
    • ‘The queues for the bus would have filled dozens of double-deckers before I even got near to one, so I dug out the free map I'd picked up from the tube staff last week and headed out west.’
    • ‘Many of the region's bus companies, who had put on double-deckers to cope with the rush, were left wondering where all the passengers had gone.’
    • ‘She says no more double-deckers can be bought until 25% of bus routes are privatised.’
    • ‘Dublin has a large network of buses, most of which are green double-deckers.’
    • ‘The bus is little different from the double-deckers in Swindon, equipped with more comfy seats, and a toilet.’



/ˌdəbəlˈdekər/ /ˌdəbəlˈdɛkər/