Definition of double-knit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdəbəlnit/ /ˈdəbəlnɪt/


  • (of fabric) knit of two joined layers for extra thickness.

    ‘a green double-knit suit’
    • ‘After 1975, as American turned against disco, it also discarded its double-knit polyester leisure suits.’
    • ‘He was dressed like many typical computer geeks - the short-sleeved man-blouse, the pocket protector, the brown double-knit stretch polyester trousers, the black thick-soled sensible shoes.’
    • ‘Gone are double-knit knickers and nylon windbreakers favored by racers a generation ago.’
    • ‘Merit badges for comic-book appreciation and videogames mastery go right next to each other on the double-knit XXL sash of the Nerd Scouts.’
    • ‘When was the last time you bought a pair of yellow-and-brown plaid double-knit golf pants?’
    • ‘Share your sweets, try to break up your parents arguments, and always say that you really liked the horrible cardy your Auntie Nellie bought for you because it took all the remaining Hayfield double-knit wool she could afford to make it.’


Mid 19th century double with reference to the “doubling” of the yarn to four-ply.



/ˈdəbəlnit/ /ˈdəbəlnɪt/