Definition of double-sided in English:



  • Using or able to be used on both sides.

    ‘double-sided tape’
    • ‘The film itself appears on the ‘Alpha’ side of this double-sided disc.’
    • ‘There is still a wrong and right side to double-sided fleece.’
    • ‘For those not familiar with the TUFO tape, it is double-sided tape with a plastic strip covering each sticky side.’
    • ‘The box can be attached to the side of the microscope with double-sided foam tape.’
    • ‘This is solved by sticking the strawberries to my skin with double-sided sticky tape, which was painful to remove, but the strawberries were delicious.’
    • ‘It will be producing 100,000 of the new poppies, which can be stuck on using a form of double-sided sticky tape, for this year's remembrance day.’
    • ‘The suits are elegant, the hair high and the décolletages so precariously low that you know there's been a run on double-sided tape.’
    • ‘It seems to have been attached with double-sided sticky tape (the back dotted with suspicious looking white squares).’
    • ‘The iPod battery attaches to its hard drive with a couple of strips of padded, double-sided tape.’
    • ‘Alternatively, you could cover the outside of the vase in double-sided adhesive tape, then stick large leaves vertically around it.’
    • ‘At least, not without the aid of some double-sided sticky tape.’
    • ‘It was fixed with double-sided tape and was removed by the customer while they were attempting to use the facility.’
    • ‘The clip mounts to any object by double-sided tape.’
    • ‘Cut a 4-inch circle out of brown construction paper; fold it in half over the top of the bag and secure with double-sided tape.’
    • ‘I used double-sided tape to affix the ribbon to the paper.’
    • ‘Using double-sided tape, gently attach pressed leaves to the paper.’
    • ‘Cut various size circles from origami or craft papers and attach with double-sided tape or craft spray adhesive.’
    • ‘I figure another application of double-sided tape will work out just fine.’
    • ‘You have to pull it away firmly and slowly, because the factory secured it to the door with double-sided foam tape.’
    • ‘Use double-sided basting tape to reposition the pockets wrong-side-up on the jeans.’