Definition of double-team in English:



[with object]
  • (in ball games) block (an opponent) with two players.

    ‘one really good player that everybody has to double-team’
    • ‘The one handed player is essentially double-teamed even when he has a single defender.’
    • ‘Making those perimeter shots is the key at a time opponents are double-teaming McGrady on almost every possession and Yao on most possessions.’
    • ‘A No.2 receiver is needed to stretch defenses and make opponents pay for double-teaming him.’
    • ‘Several opponents have had success double-teaming Williamson with big men.’
    • ‘Oden consistently makes opponents pay for double-teaming him in the post.’
    • ‘In 2003, opponents double-teamed Glover and chipped Ellis with a running back or a tight end because he couldn't beat one blocker.’
    • ‘There he can be be double-teamed if the opponent is daring enough to turn loose one or two of his teammates, as the Blazers did to good effect in last spring's Western Conference finals.’
    • ‘Opponents haven't double-teamed him in the past, but they might have to start.’
    • ‘When opponents double-teamed him, no one else on the line could take advantage.’
    • ‘With Michael and Munson double-teaming him before the rest of the players reached home plate, Fisk endured a scratch to his face and a bruise near his eye.’
    • ‘For the first time in his seven-year career, he has gone six games without recording a sack, because everybody is double-teaming him.’
    • ‘Positioned directly over the center, with two-gap responsibilities, he will be double-teamed on practically every play.’
    • ‘This variation against zones insures a quick outlet for #3 in the event he is double-teamed.’
    • ‘With file team's quarterback so unsteady, opposing defenses have been able to take him out of the game by double-teaming him.’
    • ‘All so often, he had to be double-teamed by the Swedish defence to open up space for his partners.’
    • ‘Oklahoma had an extra blocker ‘chip’ Wright and then move on to another defender more often than they double-teamed him outright.’
    • ‘So they are double-teamed, usually by a couple of defensive backs who try to jam the ends at the line of scrimmage and cut off their paths to the punt returner.’
    • ‘Unlike the Lakers, who gave the Suns a scare, the Clippers have the inside-outside combo to make Phoenix pay for double-teaming the post.’
    • ‘Teams are double-teaming him, hoping he doesn't recognize what's coming.’
    • ‘Teams intent on double-teaming the Spurs' big men risk leaving someone else open on the perimeter.’


  • An act of double-teaming.

    ‘they mounted an effective double-team’
    • ‘He put the ball in Iverson's hands right after Sixers rebounds, and that prevented the Pacers from setting effective double-teams.’
    • ‘The second is to encourage the man with the ball to put it on the floor, since a double-team is more effective once the ball handler has used his dribble.’
    • ‘Getting into position hurriedly may prevent an effective double-team.’
    • ‘Syracuse likes to get him the ball along the baseline, where he can score on drives or draw double-teams and pass to teammates.’
    • ‘Smits, for all his disappearances, is still the one guy who makes it work because he's the only Pacer who commands a double-team to get his teammates all those open looks from the arc.’
    • ‘Playing next to first-round pick Kevin Williams, Hovan should face fewer double-teams and be even more effective.’
    • ‘If Westbrook is effective early and demands a double-team, Lewis might find himself one-on-one against Brown, and McNabb will try to take advantage of that.’
    • ‘In Game 3, the Nets did use a double-team against Shaq and employed an effective full-court press.’
    • ‘Then when he does catch it, the Mavs are rotating defenders with quick double-teams.’
    • ‘The Pacers miss Smits' low-post scoring, which draws double-teams and creates chances for teammates, but they run the floor better and are better defensively without him.’
    • ‘More important, Hardaway can post up smaller guards in some matchups and force double-teams from the defense.’
    • ‘Smith encountered a lot of double-teams last season, yet still managed to catch 116 passes to lead the league.’
    • ‘Driver has to final a way to beat double-teams and gain yards after the catch.’
    • ‘But with no one in the low post who can draw a double-team and rebound effectively, this team is a candidate for a first-round playoff exit.’
    • ‘He requires double-teams because of his scoring ability, and his nifty passing makes opponents pay for those double teams.’
    • ‘If the ball can successfully escape the double-team, the attackers have a one-man advantage at the other end of the court when the ball is moved up-court quickly.’
    • ‘Handling double-teams will be easier if his teammates, especially Mercer, can make enough shots to keep defenses honest.’
    • ‘He's quick off the ball, is strong enough to fight through double-teams and played at a high level for most of last season.’
    • ‘With the lack of a consistent second scorer to complement him, Rose is facing plenty of double-teams.’
    • ‘Although they have been fairly solid (though unspectacular) in camp and in the preseason, neither will draw a double-team away from him.’
    • ‘In '99, he faced a lot of double-teams and wasn't as effective, especially in the red zone.’
    • ‘The nose tackle spot requires heavy lifting - namely, taking on double-teams on almost every play.’
    • ‘By doing so, he would draw double-teams and could pass out to his teammates for easy shot opportunities.’
    • ‘When two teammates are capable of drawing double-teams, it makes the solo act all the more convincing.’