Definition of double bluff in English:

double bluff


  • An action or statement that is intended to appear as a bluff but is in fact genuine.

    • ‘It also has something of a double bluff about it as a further public denial that FF does not envisage revisiting the glory days of that 1977 landslide.’
    • ‘It's entirely possible that the attack will line out the way they're named, just like in a smooth double bluff that looked completely implausible against Wexford.’
    • ‘What Collis has orchestrated is a cunning double bluff.’
    • ‘Some of the apparent creakiness of the plot turns out to be a bit of a double bluff, and the book rattles along quite painlessly for some 500 pages.’
    • ‘I remember seeing the figure when watching the show back when it was first broadcast, but I'd forgotten the double bluff.’
    • ‘But if I were an evil lizard myself, it would of course be a wonderful double bluff if I told you all about them.’
    • ‘And what good would it do their credibility to perform such a double bluff?’
    • ‘In many cases it's a battle of wills with some players; chatting is part of the game, and it's bluff and double bluff at times.’
    • ‘I think this discussion forum has gone into creative meltdown, with participants being more concerned to play bluff & double bluff mindgames with one another rather than actually consider the matter at hand.’
    • ‘Fashion is not my strong point and the brain numbing possibilities of the bluff and double bluff involved here are well beyond my analytical powers.’
    • ‘She's in her element with all the bluff and double bluff.’
    • ‘Maud wiped her eyes on her duvet, ‘I can guess what you're thinking, but how do you know he's not doing a double bluff?’’
    • ‘Red Inking - a double bluff where the con man threatens or tries to frighten off a mark in order to make them commit more to the scheme’
    • ‘It rested on a mixture of bluff and double bluff, and ability to use all types of troops to their best advantage.’
    • ‘‘I think it was a kind of double bluff,’ says Smith.’
    • ‘Ask them even the most straightforward question, and you would get a weird, oblique, often surreal reply, laced in several layers of irony and double bluff, and almost always delivered with a faintly mocking undertone.’
    • ‘As you indulge in the hopeless game of double bluff that is present-giving, always have a few emergency presents wrapped safely in a cupboard.’
    • ‘It is not only that prices have risen faster than in most other places, but also because of the game of double bluff buying a house has become.’
    • ‘Consequently, the politicians in charge of prestige public projects play a game of double bluff.’
    • ‘The evasive glance of the liar is sometimes replaced by an over-emphatic, frank stare in an attempt to establish veracity - a sort of double bluff.’


double bluff