Definition of double dissolution in English:

double dissolution


  • The simultaneous dissolution of the upper and lower houses of parliament preparatory to an election, used to resolve a deadlock between the houses.

    ‘the chances of a double dissolution improving Labor's position in the Senate would be low’
    • ‘If those conditions could be regarded as now being satisfied, it would be open to government to call a double dissolution election at any time.’
    • ‘While a double dissolution is not an answer except in the shortest term, a normal early election may have its attractions.’
    • ‘The media have rushed to an analysis of how the saga might affect the prime minister's plans for a double dissolution election, and which party might suffer most from the fallout.’
    • ‘No one seriously expects a double dissolution election.’
    • ‘This time a year ago, there was much talk of a double dissolution election.’
    • ‘With record low figures in the opinion polls, all seven senators must be feeling vulnerable at the moment, particularly if the prime minister were to choose to go for a double dissolution.’
    • ‘Although the Government does not yet have the grounds for a double dissolution, that has not prevented speculation.’
    • ‘It is going to take at least until December before he has all his triggers for a double dissolution ready.’
    • ‘The government is putting overwhelming pressure on the Senate through calls to abolish its power of veto and threats to hold a double dissolution election.’
    • ‘If this issue was as important to him as his extravagant language had suggested, he'd go to a double dissolution.’
    • ‘The government may set up the bill as another double dissolution trigger.’
    • ‘There was much reluctance about activating the double dissolution provisions.’