Definition of double dribble in English:

double dribble


  • An illegal dribble that occurs when a player dribbles with both hands simultaneously or interrupts a dribble by holding the ball briefly in one or both hands.

    • ‘Jones is overseeing a favorite Flint game called Kick Butt - no fouls, no out of bounds, no double dribble, no travel.’
    • ‘Explain what traveling with the ball is and what double dribble is.’
    • ‘He produced a turnover trifecta - a bad pass, a traveling call, and a double dribble - in the space of 74 seconds.’
    • ‘And it's this double dribble at the end of the movie that keeps a good sports film from turning into a true champion.’
    • ‘Today's feature: a double-dribble foul by the National Basketball Association, in which the billionaire owners and millionaire players are killing the sport.’


  • Commit or be charged with a double dribble.

    ‘This slippery ball is in his Zen court, and if he double-dribbles, it could cost the Lakers a rifle.’