Definition of double-faced in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdəbəlˈfāst/ /ˌdəbəlˈfeɪst/


  • 1Having two faces.

    ‘a double-faced clock’
    • ‘The double-faced clock is mounted on the front of the old fire station on Victoria Road, next to the town's bus station.’
    • ‘If we were really lucky we got to go in through the rotating doors under the Selfridges double-faced clock.’
    • ‘The double-faced clocks, which inexorably mark the time limits for tournament chess players, ticked off the carefully allotted seconds at Havana's Capablanca Chess Club.’
    • ‘She separated it with a double-faced wall of bookcases, but kept the views of downtown clear with a large, open doorway.’
    1. 1.1Tending to say one thing and do another; deceitful.
      ‘Avoid being double-faced in any area of life, as you don't gain from it.’
      • ‘Avoid being political or double-faced in any area of life.’
      • ‘No one can get away with such a double-faced game.’
      • ‘Brechtian-style distanciation thus soon emerges as lazy, double-faced strategy on Rose's part: If something is unconvincing, it was meant to be, laying bare the device, speaking as if in quotes and all that film theory doublethink.’
      • ‘She snorted at the thought - if he truly had convinced himself that she was blind to his double-faced ways, he was more of a fool than those who wore motley and feathers and danced for ladies.’
      dishonest, untruthful, lying, mendacious, insincere, false, deceiving, dissembling, disingenuous, untrustworthy, unscrupulous, unprincipled, two-faced, duplicitous, double-dealing, cheating, underhand, crafty, cunning, sly, guileful, scheming, calculating, conniving, designing, hypocritical, perfidious, treacherous, Machiavellian, Janus-faced
    2. 1.2(of a fabric or material) finished on both sides so that either may be used as the right side.
      ‘Coach's iconic double-faced cotton twill fabric, contrasting with the fun fashion colours in the interiors of the bags, is complete with a chunky Soho buckle.’
      • ‘Fabrics include gold embroidered saris and double-faced cloths with tiny mirrors sewn into the fabric.’
      • ‘It is made from a double-faced fabric so it can be worn next to the skin and contains 50 per cent extrafine Merino wool fibre.’
      • ‘The best examples of this was his tea matte alligator bodice top (paired with a green tea double-faced wool skirt suit) and the regally beautiful Coco Mitchell in a lambskin jacket and skirt with contrast stitching detailing.’
      • ‘Also strong were drop-stitch striped fabrics; double-faced two-color wovens in soft contrasting colors; and cotton crepe in colorful stripes and plaids, he told Bobbin.’
      • ‘A tailored display of chevron print suede paired with a denim double-faced print pant added a touch of class to the age group.’
      • ‘Key items are loose cotton zip cardigans or hoodies, loose-fitting jersey knit pants, double-faced Lycra tank tops and T-shirts.’
      • ‘The Polartec fabric most often used for hunting outerwear is Windbloc, a laminated fabric with a layer of polyurethane film between outer layers of double-faced velour.’
      • ‘When the cans had completely dried, I hot-glued 3/8-inch-wide by 3-foot-long pieces of double-faced white satin ribbons around the top of each can.’
      • ‘‘My guess is that it was double-faced cellophane tape,’ said Tom Julian, a trend analyst with Fallon McElligott in New York.’
      • ‘Briefly, deparaffinized and rehydrated slides were sealed around the histologic section with double-faced tape.’
      • ‘Secure loose rugs with double-faced tape, tacks or a slip-resistant backing.’