Definition of double feature in English:

double feature


North American
  • A cinema programme with two full-length films.

    • ‘MGM has released a double feature of these films under their Midnight Movies banner.’
    • ‘Down and Out in Beverly Hills is a fine retelling, and would make a satisfying double feature with Renoir's film, presented here in a beautiful transfer by the cineastes at Criterion.’
    • ‘I would even have settled for a double feature with another film adaptation of the story; goodness knows, with so many to choose from, surely one must be owned by Fox.’
    • ‘Released together on one disc, these two lighthearted films make a great double feature and show Bing and Wyman at their most charming.’
    • ‘Stop by your local Blockbuster and treat yourself to a double feature with a more recent Jackie Chan film.’
    • ‘Dracula's Daughter and Son Of Dracula make their DVD debut as a double feature from Universal.’
    • ‘The only problem was I already had the film in my collection, from the fine double feature El Mariachi / Desperado disc, with its excellent collection of extra features.’
    • ‘In typical SWV fashion, the two DVDs reviewed here each offer a double feature of decidedly bizarre classic exploitation films surrounded by a wealth of bonus material.’
    • ‘Running just 61 minutes, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that this film was conceived as the latter half of a double feature so that The Wolf Man could be re-released.’
    • ‘This double feature is also a good look at his early work before he left RKO.’
    • ‘By the end of 1956, over 80 percent of theaters were regularly showing double features.’
    • ‘A trailer reel offers a promo for the 1971 re-release (as a double feature with The Idle Class), as well as German and Netherlands re-release spots.’
    • ‘Though it's short on extras, the double feature is a great way to give the consumer two anamorphic films for one low price.’
    • ‘I'd recommend making it half of a Denzel double feature and following it up with Much Ado About Nothing so that you aren't left with a feeling of utter despair.’
    • ‘I had an opportunity to see a double feature a couple of years ago on a British Airways flight to Madrid.’
    • ‘While you're buying the first movie, you might as well get this disc and make them a double feature.’
    • ‘It's true that this was an actual double feature that traveled around the country.’
    • ‘He'd taken her shopping at the mall, treated her to a double feature at the Multiplex and fulfilled every one of her boring, normal requests.’
    • ‘I remember going to movies, double features, just trying to get far from reality.’
    • ‘We'll have a double feature, seeing as we've missed a few movie nights this year,’ Brandon suggested.’


double feature