Definition of double figures in English:

double figures

plural noun

  • A number or amount between 10 and 99.

    ‘inflation was in double figures’
    • ‘However, revenue growth will remain in double figures, he predicted.’
    • ‘None of the remaining batsmen got into double figures, leaving Gambhir to wage a lone battle against the West bowlers.’
    • ‘There is a good head of mirror and common carp averaging double figures in the first two lakes.’
    • ‘Once again the entertainment was top class and the amount of raffle prizes went into double figures.’
    • ‘I was genuinely worried that they might get into double figures.’
    • ‘Meat-based baits, especially cat food, are sorting out the better fish, which run well into double figures.’
    • ‘I know I can't see you but I'm guessing that the amount of you with your hands up right now might even be into double figures.’
    • ‘It must be worth into double figures, especially as time passes.’
    • ‘At least Lara had finally got into double figures for the tour.’
    • ‘Most areas of Scotland showed increases in double figures, according to research from the Bank of Scotland.’
    • ‘Today he confirmed that he was dealing with complaints running into double figures and had passed several to the police.’
    • ‘They were the only two players to reach double figures and their seventh wicket partnership swung the game in their favour.’
    • ‘By the time I'd aged into double figures I'd probably seen it as many times as any film bar The Carebear movie.’
    • ‘So, naturally, the site community has yet to break into double figures.’
    • ‘Over the entire match his score might just edge into double figures.’
    • ‘I have clients who will probably end up close to double figures in terms of the numbers of businesses they've built.’
    • ‘He told regional journalists that anything into double figures would be considered unreasonable.’
    • ‘After the break, none of the last six batsmen reached double figures as the side slipped to 162 all out.’
    • ‘This takes the number of suspensions in the sector into double figures.’
    • ‘The readership of this blog is currently soaring towards double figures.’


double figures