Definition of double fugue in English:

double fugue


  • A fugue with two subjects, each similarly treated.

    • ‘Fugues and double fugues, chorales and double-choruses swirl around, as Taneyev takes stock of both Bach and his historical significance.’
    • ‘Never has the concluding double fugue been played with such clarity and musical sensitivity.’
    • ‘Diamond gives us, in fact, two fugues, one as the peroration of the first movement and the second (a double fugue) a summing up of the entire sonata.’
    • ‘Things pick up at the Turkish March and the ensuing double fugue, as I, at any rate, would expect from this orchestra.’
    • ‘Then we get the final theme, Kyrie Eleison and it's a double fugue and it is of both the first Kyrie theme and the second, Christe, the inversion.’