Definition of double stop in English:

double stop

(also double-stop)


  • The playing of two notes at once on a violin or similar bowed instrument.

    • ‘Ravel's Tzigane - Rhapsodie de Concert is a dazzling display piece that encompasses double stops, harmonics, pizzicatos, glissandos, and all the technical challenges of Paganini's twenty four Violin Caprices, plus a few more.’
    • ‘This collection of Italian waltzes, polkas, mazurkas and tarantellas for solo violin is an excellent teaching tool for double stops, scales, arpeggios and style. 2-5 min. each.’
    • ‘In the violin version, he writes double stops, pizzicato and tremolo indications and so forth, keeping with the capabilities of the violin.’
    • ‘A fearlessly virtuosic rendering of the double stops in the cadenza capped a spectacular performance that breathed new life into a repertoire staple!’
    • ‘Here the demisemiquaver groups and double stops can be played by simply barring across the top two strings, and moving position as shown.’
    • ‘Here, the author examines fingering choices, double stops and chords, shifting and bow changes, connecting fifths on neighboring strings, thumb position, artificial harmonics, trills and intonation, and vibrato direction.’
    • ‘The large chords create a strong sense of harmonic rootedness, with double stops and single notes working with the natural resonance of the instrument to create a full harmonic texture.’
    • ‘The scores are filled with amazing runs, double stops, surprising melodic leaps and various special effects.’
    • ‘This is a useful caveat for scales in major and minor tenth double stops, as there will be hands that cannot comfortably make this reach, especially below seventh position.’
    • ‘Carter's cello lends the proceedings an intimate chamber jazz feel, and his arco double stops bridge the gap between chordal and melody instrument.’
    • ‘She practiced the double stops on the third page of the Stamitz Concerto, and then opened her case for something different.’
    • ‘He played with harmonics and double stops as though there had been a partner to his criminal musicality.’


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  • Play two notes at once on a violin or similar bowed instrument.