Definition of double take in English:

double take


  • A delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one's first reaction.

    ‘Tony glanced at her, then did a double take’
    • ‘Something caught my attention, I forget what it was, so I did a double take and stepped back a few paces to get a better look.’
    • ‘Half the people you meet will do a double take and make gestures at you, hinting that you've got something in your eye.’
    • ‘He looked at the moonlight pouring in from the stairs and did a double take as his eyes caught something.’
    • ‘He smiled at Will, turned away, and then turned back for a double take.’
    • ‘He did a double take, then kept looking from his picture back to her.’
    • ‘The make-up of the semi-final had caused a load of double takes among the Frimley Green faithful, as both were unseeded, and rated as 50-1 outsiders before the tournament began.’
    • ‘People were doing double takes when they saw him.’
    • ‘Pedestrians do double takes as they walk past the group and one woman on her cellphone starts laughing and telling her friend what she's looking at.’
    • ‘While driving, you do get a lot of interest, a few double takes and some people laughing at you quite openly, but on first impression I found it rather endearing.’
    • ‘Perhaps then, men will not be the only ones doing double takes.’
    • ‘She loves the double takes when people spot the bright tattoo on her front tooth.’
    • ‘What with my page three story in a Scottish tabloid I was getting double takes all night.’
    • ‘She can never completely ignore the double take she gets from passers-by.’
    • ‘I did a double take when a slim blonde emerged from the cafe, a Hillary lookalike, but it's symptomatic of what is going on.’
    • ‘I had to do a double take to see that was in fact the CEO, because he sounded a lot like a pilot.’
    • ‘We'd never been before, but the gleamingly-new interior design overload still made us do a double take.’
    • ‘Diners at an Italian restaurant did a double take after seeing 24 young clowns arriving for dinner.’
    • ‘One other person goes by the door, stops and does a double take, then goes on to fill his cup.’
    • ‘As I went over to thank him, his deliberate double take was flattering and funny.’
    • ‘I walked down one of Manchester's main shopping streets with him and heads just didn't stop turning - people were doing double takes all the time!’


double take