Definition of double yellow line in English:

double yellow line


  • (in the UK) a pair of yellow lines painted at the side of a road to indicate that parking is not permitted at most times of day.

    • ‘This week I arrived to find that not only had all the roads been painted with double yellow lines, but Haymarket car park was closed.’
    • ‘They double park on double yellow lines right near a junction.’
    • ‘People who park on the double yellow lines in Brownside Road have been warned.’
    • ‘Someone told me today at work that they're going to paint double yellow lines on both sides.’
    • ‘We had parked legally in this side road to avoid obstruction and to avoid parking on double yellow lines and incurring a parking fine in Townley Road.’
    • ‘Sevenoaks Council is planning to paint both sides of Kingswood Avenue, Swanley, with double yellow lines to stop commuters parking there.’
    • ‘Yes, he was responsible for having double yellow lines painted on roads, causing massive problems to a local charity, but many consider such an idea to be a liability.’
    • ‘Council workmen in Stockport have laid a new road surface over double yellow lines painted only a week earlier.’
    • ‘Most were on a grass verge behind double yellow lines and were illegally parked.’
    • ‘The motorist may park on a double yellow line or halfway across a pavement providing he uses his hazard warnings to inform other road users that he will only be a minute;’
    • ‘The council is now planning to paint double yellow lines on parts of the road where it is dangerous.’
    • ‘Part of the plan was to introduce raised sections of road and double yellow lines (meaning no parking) at junctions.’
    • ‘She said: ‘If they put double yellow lines on the road, I might as well shut the place down right now.’’
    • ‘The corners of the roads have double yellow lines.’
    • ‘She wants to see double yellow lines painted on at least one side of the road and says players and spectators would have to find somewhere else to park.’
    • ‘I parked on double yellow lines for two minutes and when I returned I had a parking ticket.’
    • ‘A York hotel owner says time and money is being wasted because City of York Council put cones on top of double yellow lines to stop race-goers parking.’
    • ‘It is not uncommon to see cars parked on double yellow lines and street corners for more than a few minutes, causing difficulties to the bus service in particular.’
    • ‘Suggestions were made to paint double yellow lines on some streets, but this was dismissed as unpractical.’
    • ‘He does admit however, that during his career he has heard one or two interesting explanations from motorists parked on double yellow lines.’