Definition of doublet in English:



  • 1A man's short close-fitting padded jacket, commonly worn from the 14th to the 17th century.

    ‘they were wearing red velvet doublets and hose’
    • ‘Indicators of this are the short doublet and very prominent codpiece, the round-toed shoes and the knee-breeches.’
    • ‘It represents a bagpiper wearing a short doublet, full, knee-length breeches with a prominent codpiece, shoes with narrow rounded toes, and a hemispherical, skullcap-like hat with a very narrow brim.’
    • ‘The minstrels, bedecked in red doublets and white hose, played upbeat tunes to which gardens of brightly clad nobles danced merrily.’
    • ‘He wore a black suit with a red doublet and a black bow tie.’
    • ‘He wore a dark blue velvet doublet and blue hose.’
    • ‘I was dressed like one of Robin's merry men, with the green leggings and the doublet and the soft boots.’
    • ‘The king began unlacing his doublet, walking towards her as he had the night before.’
    • ‘I stripped away my aristocratic clothing, my tight fitting hose, my pointed leather shoes, my doublet and sheer tunic.’
    • ‘He pulled a doublet over his shirt and said, ‘I will try to return after all this insanity is over, I assure you.’’
    • ‘His doublet was an ornate confection of red and gold, his hose black.’
    • ‘And if his surcoat was thinner than he might have wished, at least he had the arming doublet under his hauberk and the otter-trimmed cloak his mother's ladies had sewn for him.’
    • ‘Slashed sleeves, tied onto a doublet at the shoulders and cloaks worn from shoulder to armpit were more than simply fashion statements; they allowed a man to draw his sword and retain full mobility of the arm.’
    • ‘His ponytail, usually held with a strip of leather or cheap ribbon, was now pulled together with fabric to match his doublet and white britches.’
    • ‘A small smile lit Lavena's face for a brief moment, perhaps in gratitude for Earnstheart's consistent honesty, as she flung her arms round his middle, and wept quietly into his doublet.’
    • ‘He who had been nothing but skin and bones filled out nicely - but there was in no way any ‘bulk’ on him (not that she could see that well through his doublet anyways).’
    • ‘Forty six interminable hours of being seated in front of eleven thin, nervous, gangly supposedly artistic men lay before Briar as he reluctantly donned his finest doublet the following morning, aided by his valet, Godric.’
    • ‘Instead of doublets and Elizabethan ruffs, we should have Gunne Sax frills and parachute pants.’
    • ‘He makes all the costumes for his models, including the elaborate armor and leather doublets some of the women in his images sport.’
    • ‘He reached down and picked him up by his doublet, throwing him into a tree with a thud.’
    • ‘A door opens and we see the back of a crutch-supported figure in a green doublet.’
  • 2A pair of similar things, in particular two words of the same derivation but having different meanings, for example fashion and faction, cloak and clock.

    • ‘Carroll called the given words doublets, the interposed words links, and the complete series a chain.’
    • ‘For those not etymologically challenged, the word canker is a doublet.’
    • ‘Etymologically speaking, a doublet is a pair of words that have the same origin but different spellings and often different meanings.’
    • ‘Each of the Romance languages has a large number of doublets, because the one Latin word has descended naturally by popular transmission, and then entered again later by learned transmission.’
    pair, duo, duology, twosome, set of two, match
    1. 2.1doubletsThe same number on two dice thrown at once.
      ‘If doublets are thrown (e.g. two sixes), four moves of that number (e.g. four moves of six points) may be made, either all by one White man or separately Backgammon Board.’
    2. 2.2Physics Chemistry A pair of associated lines close together in a spectrum or electrophoretic gel.
      • ‘These studies have led to the findings that bundles of several doublet microtubules can propagate bending waves, and a pair of outer doublets can undergo cyclical association/dissociation interaction.’
      • ‘Whereas the effect of the redshift is to multiply the wavelength of every line in the spectrum by the name number, 1 + z, any variation in only changes the relative separation between the lines in the doublet.’
      • ‘The mechanism by which the oscillatory movements produced by these two opposing pairs of doublets are coupled with each other remains to be elucidated.’
      • ‘There are many cases, for both maps, where there is agreement of close double-recombination events (where a singlet or a doublet of scores of one genotype is flanked by a run of the other genotype).’
      • ‘However, a small amount of monospecific antiserum was obtained from a mouse injected with the polypeptides, beta 2 and 3, which occur as a doublet on two-dimensional gels.’
    3. 2.3A combination of two simple lenses.
      ‘The original lens cell is an air spaced semi-apochromatic doublet, which uses three adjustment screws to collimate the lenses in the machined aluminum cell.’


Middle English from Old French, ‘something folded’, also denoting a fur-lined coat, from double ‘double’.