Definition of doubtfulness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdaʊtfʊlnəs/ /ˈdaʊtf(ə)lnəs/


See doubtful

  • ‘And he seemed to think meditation and working on this would eventually ‘make you doubt the doubtfulness.’’
  • ‘‘We're twenty-two years old, we can do this,’ Luke tried to sound bright, but Jake heard the doubtfulness in his voice.’
  • ‘The doubtfulness of it comes out, by the way, when it is noticed that this idea can make two items that are in a fundamental way absolutely identical into two different thoughts.’
  • ‘Then I shook my head violently, trying to clear it of the doubtfulness that clouded it.’
  • ‘I would have expected anger, doubtfulness, maybe regret, but he seemed to do it with absolutely no emotion.’



/ˈdaʊtfʊlnəs/ /ˈdaʊtf(ə)lnəs/