Definition of doubting in English:



  • Expressing or feeling uncertainty or lack of conviction; sceptical.

    ‘some doubting voices were raised over the price’
    ‘people look at it through doubting eyes’
    • ‘Giamatti is the doubting loser, a divorced failed novelist who hates himself, as well as anyone who thinks success is achievable.’
    • ‘The crux of the film is how this doubting pastor can convince a suicidal man that God is there, and will protect him.’
    • ‘He expressed a willingness to continue to handle the district court appeals, but he was not ready for complete reconciliation with his doubting colleagues.’
    • ‘The goal of this doubting process is to arrive at a list of beliefs that are certain and indubitably true.’
    • ‘It tells the story of his religious education from comically pious child, to doubting teen, to trainee yogi in India, to sceptical religious affairs correspondent.’
    • ‘Like all anonymously sourced articles, this piece should be met with a barrage of doubting questions.’
    • ‘Billy Elliot tells the story of a young boy and his desire to to become a ballet dancer and win over his doubting father.’
    • ‘Attacked and then haunted by an unbalanced loner, the doctor sets out on her solo trail of the killer, alienating herself from both the doubting police and her colleagues.’
    • ‘Then she trained to be a nurse so she could give herself a qualified opinion without having to refer to these doubting medical experts.’
    • ‘Casting a doubting eye over seances, we might get involved with claims about life after death.’