Definition of douchey in English:


adjectiveadjective douchier, adjective douchiest

informal mainly North American
  • Obnoxious or contemptible (typically used of a man or his behavior)

    • ‘she has a history of dating douchey men’
    • ‘he later apologized for his douchey remarks’
    • ‘They're embarrassingly on the nose and incredibly douchey in their own self-satisfied cleverness.’
    • ‘As such, the cultural marketplace is filled with pretentious imbeciles and their perfectly douchey works, and none of them coming close to achieving their lofty goals.’
    • ‘And then you look closer and it's not even the artist getting the money, it's just some douche who signed them to his or her douchey label, and in the process destroyed the artistic process and forced them to sell out.’
    • ‘The awkward boy with the impossible crush discovers amazing power, uses it to murder the douchey bully, saves his graduating class from a werewolf attack, and walks past his classmates with the hot girl on his arm, smirking and awesome.’
    • ‘I may not be the target audience for this breezy reality series, but I'm not so jaded and douchey that I can't see it as a surprisingly worthwhile pursuit for some.’
    • ‘Respond to some user complaints under this douche-pseudonym (and make sure to find a picture of the douchiest looking guy you can think of to put on the net as your PR agent), with e-mails full of ridiculous comments and mispellings.’
    • ‘It keeps him from getting too douchey with things.’
    • ‘It tells the bizarre tale of a maladjusted kid named Timmy, a kid whose douchey father is a programmer working on a government-owned computer containing all human knowledge (or something like that).’
    • ‘And that's the beauty of the Masters of the Universe mythology: old-school heroes that are flawless in every way versus bad guys that are irredeemably douchey.’
    • ‘He takes off and from that point on adopts the moronic and douchey tactic of picking up trampy girls in bars using his old wedding ring.’
    • ‘Patty's stock dropped in my eyes because here she was with this little douchy guy.’



/ˈdo͞oSHē/ /ˈduʃi/