Definition of Doulton in English:


(also Royal Doulton)


mass nounTrademark
  • Fine decorative pottery or porcelain made at the factories of John Doulton (1793–1873) or his successors.

    • ‘Carrying a similar estimate is a not very cuddly but highly collectable Steiff teddy bear on wheels, a sort of rocking-teddy, while the least cuddly of all is a monumental pottery bear by Doulton.’
    • ‘But he still loves to linger over the more tear-jerking inscriptions, painted on ceramic Doulton panels.’
    • ‘The stake in Doulton was bought to prevent any company getting it first, but if Alchemy talks are at an advanced stage, Waterford will be under pressure to make a decision.’
    • ‘Waterford agreed a 12p a share deal with Doulton, which is being funded through a heavily discounted rights issues.’
    • ‘Pieces made by the more in-demand manufacturers such as Doulton will always attract premium prices, and so too will very unusual items.’