Definition of dourly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʊəli/ /ˈdaʊəli/


See dour

  • ‘Newton himself expressed his thoughts so dourly that students often avoided his lectures at Cambridge, and he spent his time, as one reporter put it, ‘lecturing to the walls’.’
  • ‘Clonmel's Minella stayed on dourly through the rain-softened ground to take the Shearwater Handicap ‘Chase.’
  • ‘His tinkling take on Karma Police, for instance, calls to mind Mozart's piano concertos, while Everything in Its Right Place, with its bottom-end minor notes, is dourly reminiscent of Shostakovich - and all free of Yorke's watery squall.’
  • ‘Cops stand stone-faced off to the side, dourly smoking their cigarettes.’
  • ‘At the furthest extreme, Schopenhauer dourly proposed that happiness was not to be expected at all.’



/ˈdʊəli/ /ˈdaʊəli/