Definition of dourness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʊənəs/ /ˈdəʊnəs/


See dour

  • ‘Combining dourness and humour, sentimentality and hard-headedness, arrogance and tolerance, every situation is redeemed by laughter.’
  • ‘Brady's carefully-cultivated air of dismissive dourness offset Giles' sombre demeanour perfectly, as it usually does.’
  • ‘Deconstructive dourness never stays put, however, so of course the deconstructive acid seeped over from museum practices to high art itself.’
  • ‘The brooding dourness of the scene hasn't just disregarded dancing, though, as many of the major players in the game focus on abstraction to the extent that visceral reaction of any sort is out of the question.’
  • ‘Nothing distracts from the swell and shimmer of the sleek blue surface that slinks enticingly through the gloom and dourness of the city.’



/ˈdʊənəs/ /ˈdəʊnəs/