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dove gray

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  • A light gray.

    ‘he had decorated the room in dove gray and gold’
    • ‘the dove-gray sky above’
    • ‘Julie's wearing what's apparently called a Roberto Collina 258003 (though you may want to just ask for the fuzzy dove-grey sweater that costs $234) and an Ailanto lilac print pleated skirt.’
    • ‘The look in its palette of communist colours was provided in a more casual form by her with dove-grey jackets and heavy fuchsia wool scarves creating a new, easy, relaxed silhouette.’
    • ‘Her dove-grey gown with a magnificently fitted bodice and stunning choker absolutely belongs in this category.’
    • ‘You could certainly see what Taube meant when he sang about the dove-grey islands and boats picked out in china white on the green Gulf Stream.’
    • ‘She was in a well-tailored dove-gray wool suit, collarless and double-breasted, with a knee-length skirt, dark-gray heels and pearl earrings.’
    • ‘He was dressed in a dove-grey suit, immaculately tailored, and something of the way he leaned over emphasised the broadness of his shoulders and depth of his chest, the hard muscles of his upper body and arms.’
    • ‘All is peaceful this afternoon amid the dove-grey seats with antimacassars as white as the table-cloths.’
    • ‘Samaras commemorated the exhibition with a slim dove-gray box containing a prose poem, printed one word to the line on 27 unbound pages.’
    • ‘She was dressed in a brown cloak and a simple dove-gray dress underneath.’
    • ‘Mist still hung low in the streets as weak streaks of lights began filling the cloudless dove grey sky.’
    • ‘Centrally in each window, set against curtains which blocked all view of the shop's interior, resting on elegant carpet of dove grey, was a celadon Chinese urn.’
    • ‘With it, he wore a fancy ruffled white shirt and his uncle's dove gray tuxedo jacket with the maroon satin lapels.’
    • ‘Yellowed ceilings and walls now boast a meld of soft dove grey and rich burgundy tonings which complement the era and style of the building.’
    • ‘Pale pink, lemon and dove grey linen/tweeds cut in neat box jackets, mini skirts and masculine refined trousers.’
    • ‘The masonry is finished with a thin wash of dove grey mortar, muting imperfection while still revealing the joints below.’
    • ‘The material was still crisp and new-smelling, and they were dove grey and white, trimmed with a deep burgundy.’
    • ‘The custom designed kitchen features dove grey wall and floor units, blue walls and recessed spotlighting.’
    • ‘Then there are these gorgeous gorgeous heavenly dresses with their flowing skirts and soft dove grey colors.’
    • ‘The sides of the buildings that are in shadow are rendered in subtly varied values of dove gray; the sunlit areas remain the untouched white of the gessoed ground.’
    • ‘The couple kept their original front door and all windows, but painted the window trim white and the cedar clapboard siding dove gray.’


dove gray

/ˌdəv ˈɡrā/ /ˌdəv ˈɡreɪ/