Definition of dovekie in English:



mainly North American
  • A small, stubby short-billed auk (seabird) with black plumage and white underparts, breeding in the Arctic.

    British term little auk

    Alle alle, family Alcidae

    ‘One would imagine this place to be a paradise of alcids of all types, guillemots, dovekies, puffins, razorbills, murres, and murrelets all splashing around in their black and white finery.’
    • ‘The current study identified a close relationship between the great auk and the dovekie.’
    • ‘A patchy distribution of crustaceans (including T. libellula) in the NOW was indicated in a study of the diet of dovekies.’
    • ‘Many of the bird species live on the water all year, only coming onto land to breed, such as the northern fulmar, greater shearwater, dovekie, common murre, and thickbilled murre.’



/ˈdəvkē/ /ˈdəvki/


Early 19th century (originally denoting the black guillemot, Cepphus grylle, also formerly called the Greenland dove): from a Scots diminutive of dove.