Definition of dowager's hump in English:

dowager's hump


mass noun
  • Forward curvature of the spine resulting in a stoop, typically in women with osteoporosis, caused by collapse of the front edges of the thoracic vertebrae.

    • ‘The presence of a dowager's hump (spinal curvature) in elderly patients indicates multiple vertebral fractures and decreased bone volume.’
    • ‘She was petite and had a dowager's hump or minor hunchback.’
    • ‘Unchecked, it leads to changes in posture, particularly in the form of a hunched back known colloquially as dowager's hump, and decreased mobility.’
    • ‘I often wonder, would she have gone gentle into the dewlaps, the crow's feet and the dowager's hump?’
    • ‘Okay, if we really look hard, Mick has just the smidgen of the beginnings of a dowager's hump.’
    • ‘Some indicators of people having osteoporosis are a loss of height or a dowager's hump due to multiple fracture of small bones in the vertebrae,’ he said.’