Definition of dowak in English:



  • An Aboriginal weapon in the form of a wooden club pointed at each end.

    ‘one man caught him by the arm, threatening to strike him with a dowak’
    • ‘Now they are on the recent trail of a snake or iguana, a dowak is thrown, and something is secured towards supper.’
    • ‘A girdle of hair bound about his loins holds his dowak.’
    • ‘After securing the dowaks, I tried every means to tempt him to come down.’
    • ‘Stunning her by a blow from the dowak, they drag her by the hair to the nearest thicket to await her recovery.’
    • ‘The throwing-stick of the deceased is placed on one side, and his dowak on the other side of the mound.’


Mid 19th century from Nyungar (an Aboriginal language).