Definition of down-curved in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdounkərvd/ /ˈdaʊnkərvd/


  • Curved downward.

    ‘the slightly down-curved bill of a starling’
    • ‘Pittas are small to medium sized birds (15 to 29 cm long, 42 to 210 g) with long legs, short tails and strong, downcurved bills.’
    • ‘The sunbird-asities have long downcurved bills that are well suited for extracting nectar from flowers.’
    • ‘They're terrific birds with a long upcurved beak and if you contrast those to the migratory waders in front of them, the big Eastern Curlews, they have tremendously long but downcurved beaks.’
    • ‘The horn becomes greyish brown, short, strongly downcurved.’