Definition of down-hole in English:


(also downhole)

Pronunciation /ˈdounhōl/ /ˈdaʊnhoʊl/

adjective & adverb

  • (in the oil industry) used, occurring, or performed in a well or borehole.

    • ‘Method and apparatus for navigational drilling with a downhole motor employing independent drill string and bottomhole assembly rotary orientation and rotation’
    • ‘Equipment maker Smith International Inc. has announced a 3% to 5% hike for such gear as drill fluids, bits, and downhole drilling tools.’
    • ‘This unit is extraordinarily rich in organic carbon (> 50 wt% TOC in some parts, Huc et al. 1992; Herbin et al. 1995) and readily recognizable in the field and in downhole logs.’
    • ‘This depth scale allowed alignment of the carbonate, TOC and core MS records from the slightly expanded cores with the downhole records.’
    • ‘Maximum palaeotemperatures increase downhole, from 65-85 deg C in sample GC237-27 to > 100 deg C in sample GC237-30.’
    • ‘As with K60, the semi-variogram of the cross-hair samples is essentially flat over all lags - and here we note an excellent correspondence with the level of incoherent variability exhibited downhole.’
    • ‘For example, Wood Group Production Technology is the world leader in permanent downhole instrumentation (ahead of Schlumberger) and has recently installed the first fibre - optic downhole system in the world.’
    • ‘Due to confined space in the downhole tool environment and the fact that the transmit path utilizes significantly more electrical power than the receive path, electromagnetic noise easily couples between adjacent circuitry.’
    • ‘An Internal Bottom Hole Assembly for a Coiled Tubing enables the CT to be used with other devices downhole.’
    • ‘The Cathcart-based company has successfully completed a prototype of the world's first downhole gravity separation system and is now receiving funding from the Norwegian government for a full-scale demonstration.’
    • ‘In one aspect, the apparatus is run into the well on wireline which is capable of bearing the weight of the apparatus while supplying a source of electrical power to at least one downhole motor which operates at least one hydraulic pump.’
    • ‘Absolute orientation and downhole location of pieces of basement core can be achieved by cross-correlation of structural features on the FMS logs and core images.’
    • ‘A method of determining the real time bubble point pressure of a fluid originating from a subsurface earth formation using an adjustable choke positioned downhole adjacent to the formation.’
    • ‘In a formation integrity test, pumping stops when the downhole pressure reaches the value of the hydrostatic head for the mud density that the drillers plan to use for the next section of the well.’
    • ‘Core data derived from ocean drilling may be supplemented by downhole logging data, which provides a near continuous record of the physical and/or chemical properties of the rock surrounding the borehole walls.’
    • ‘It is not merely a diversion, but a diversion down a more complicated route, since it means adding an extra component and finding a way of doing so that is robust-enough to withstand the rigours of a downhole environment.’
    • ‘The geologist thus turns to downhole geophysical logging to provide the data in addition to cuttings samples that are required for sequence-stratigraphical studies.’
    • ‘About 500 m of this broken pipe were recovered by fishing operations, leaving only 600 m of open hole available for downhole logging.’
    • ‘Method for downhole separation of natural gas from brine with injection of spent brine into a disposal formation’
    • ‘For the core data, the most pertinent problem is the inaccurate downhole location of core pieces.’



/ˈdounhōl/ /ˈdaʊnhoʊl/