Definition of down-the-line in English:



  • Thorough and uncompromising.

    ‘the party avoids down-the-line support of unions’
    • ‘It turns out that he is such a down-the-line partisan that he supported Texas's Republican State Comptroller for re-election in 2002.’
    • ‘But he argues that his nearly down-the-line support for the Republican line in Congress marks him as too far to the right for the long-Democratic 4th.’
    • ‘He is outlining a down-the-line conservative legislative agenda - but he welcomes Democratic support.’
    • ‘It wasn't particularly revolutionary - there's no plot element in there that hasn't been done before - it's a straight down-the-line haunted house story with a couple of quirks that keep it interesting - but it's so well done.’
    • ‘And he, whatever his considerable virtues, is no down-the-line progressive, much less a legislator in the Wellstone mode, eager to grapple with the very premises of the age.’
    • ‘He, of Ohio's 14th district, was a down-the-line opponent of CAFTA, which made a lot of sense for his northeast Ohio district.’
    • ‘The basket of sops for food processing sector will largely benefit the small scale units and will help dispersal of this activity to the rural sector with down-the-line boost from bio-technology.’
    • ‘But I'm far from a down-the-line supporter of their issues.’
    • ‘As the senators apparently told him, down-the-line opposition from the Democrats raises the stakes on them dramatically.’
    • ‘But it puts even more pressure on him to be a down-the-line supporter of every judicial nominee the president sends up to the Hill.’
    • ‘He turns out to be a down-the-line anti-privatization man too.’
    • ‘Here he splices together strands of blues and straight down-the-line rock with some folk, psychedelia, trip-hop and world music influences.’
    • ‘The message is clear, and down-the-line New Labour.’
    • ‘So that cuts against a monochromatic picture of him as a down-the-line Democratic loyalist.’
    • ‘While the lyrics still amount to ‘Fear and Loathing in East-Side Apartments,’ the down-the-line directness of words such as ‘I just want to watch you go by’ add a sincerity that make his songs all the more believable.’
    • ‘In the case of him the president served up a nominee who was pretty clearly a down-the-line conservative but also, in the sense of value-neutral credentials and qualifications, certainly qualified for the job.’
    • ‘The 38-year-old is a down-the-line conservative.’
    • ‘Tell him of your down-the-line fears and your wish not to be window dressing, if that's what he has in mind.’