Definition of down and dirty in English:

down and dirty


informalNorth American
  • 1Highly competitive or unprincipled.

    ‘he's willing to get down and dirty, slinging mud at will and knowing that some of it will stick’
    • ‘The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been calling on energy trading corporations to confess, under oath, whether they have been doing any of the down-and-dirty deals that the devilish company got caught making.’
    • ‘New Orleans was a failure of down-and-dirty management as much or more than a failure of sublime leadership.’
    • ‘I still think the WGA is facing a down-and-dirty round of bargaining which could lead to either a long, destructive strike or a short, destructive collapse.’
    • ‘A book on this down-and-dirty Senate race could be entitled, When Good Candidates Use Bad Tactics.’
    • ‘Chapter 29 of her book Smashmouth is a pretty good down-and-dirty introduction to the delicate and tricky decisions that election pollsters have to make under deadline pressure to try and get accurate results.’
    • ‘It used to be that the daredevil few who practiced down-and-dirty guerrilla marketing did so because they had no choice: They couldn't afford to play in the big leagues with the money-to-burn heavy-hitters.’
    • ‘Perhaps no modem-day newspaper war has kept industry observers as rapt as the down-and-dirty scrap between MediaNews Group's Denver Past and E.W. Scripps' Rocky Mountain News.’
    • ‘Which is probably a good thing, because if you don't do something different from what everybody else is doing, how on earth can you hope to succeed in a down-and-dirty industry like cardboard boxes?’
    • ‘Little wonder that fewer than half of voting America actually votes; it's largely viewed as an act of endorsement for today's down-and-dirty campaigning.’
    • ‘Ask most artists how they plan to make a living at what they do and you'll find them lamenting the need to leave their studios to undertake the down-and-dirty work of selling themselves.’
    • ‘Using the down-and-dirty tactics needed to survive in a family of 13 siblings, Mad Dog and Butcher emerged as true Canadian cripplers.’
    • ‘It could only confirm the impression that politics is a bad business, and that we are better off with high-and-mighty judges than down-and-dirty elected representatives.’
    • ‘The hub deal especially contrasts with the down-and-dirty business of having to bet a billion dollars on a vehicle program that may never produce a dime of profits.’
    • ‘It was a down-and-dirty commission offered by a nonprofit developer that does not spend its money on anything it considers unnecessary.’
    • ‘Nothing like a good free-for-all, down-and-dirty, no-holds-barred, riot!’
    • ‘That's when the down-and-dirty strategic connections get made.’
    • ‘This is America, where pundits have for years reassured us politics is a down-and-dirty contact sport with no room for girly men.’
    • ‘The result is a down-and-dirty fight between two punch-drunk titans.’
    • ‘But the main event is the down-and-dirty race between Rick and Richard.’
    • ‘Understandably, lost in the blood and rubble of Tuesday's attack has been down-and-dirty New York City politics.’
  • 2Earthy, direct, and explicit.

    ‘I won't bore you with the down-and-dirty details’
    • ‘There are many of us who like to think we are too high-minded for reality television and the down-and-dirty roustabout of confessional chat shows.’
    • ‘‘The Internet's not a novelty, but a useful tool that can do down-and-dirty work,’ says his chief Internet strategist.’
    • ‘At a time when Hollywood actresses sometimes seemed more interested in making sure they were filmed from their best side than achieving the down-and-dirty realism that a part might need, Bette Davis was an exception.’
    • ‘But where is a down-and-dirty checklist of those real turkey-to-mistletoe neuroses - you know, the ones that linger in the pit of your stomach like a lump of coal in the toe of a stocking?’
    • ‘If it's bankrolled by a major Hollywood studio, can it still be considered down-and-dirty flyby-the-seat-of-the-pants guerrilla marketing?’
    • ‘Two down-and-dirty guides to business start-ups’
    • ‘The book, called Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager, is a down-and-dirty examination of one of the most difficult aspects of the Linux kernel.’
    • ‘We know from all those down-and-dirty tell-all bios that Williams was a full-fledged party animal.’
    • ‘The down-and-dirty, half-hour drama is the story of an unlikely duo of ex-cons who fall in with a plucky waitress at a notorious dead-end diner.’
    • ‘Outside the conference room, Marcelo tells a more down-and-dirty version of the story that the VC guys are hearing inside.’
    • ‘Just an hour south of Adanta, this family-friendly spot combines down-and-dirty outdoor fun with resort living.’
    • ‘There is no down-and-dirty talk about dysfunction, or any bruising hurt of being left for another woman, or any real passion.’