Definition of down for the count in English:

down for the count

(British out for the count)


  • 1Boxing
    Defeated by being knocked to the canvas and unable to rise within ten seconds.

    • ‘He backed up a bit to allow himself some room, but Kahn pressed on, swinging in a flurry of combinations as he attempted to nail Aouri and knock him down for the count.’
    • ‘This was the first time Harmon had been knocked down let alone down for the count.’
    • ‘Mike Tyson was out for the count him in the fourth round at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.’
    • ‘Liston lies out for the count, while Ali stands taunting him.’
    • ‘Despite the seemingly ‘can't miss’ premise, Southpaw is knocked down early in the first round, and, once on the mat, it's out for the count.’
    1. 1.1Unconscious or soundly asleep.
      • ‘Her feet kicked up and hit Sean backwards sending him into a tree knocking him out for the count.’
      • ‘She rammed into the back of the man whose head she had just covered, knocking him out for the count, coming to a halt in front of him, still on her feet as he fell.’
      • ‘As the in - flight movie, Legally Blonde, played mutely on aeroplane screens, Reid was given two more injections - to make sure he was out for the count.’
      • ‘He lay down in another room, finally out for the count.’
      • ‘We see the other astronauts, already out for the count, in their sealed sleep bubbles.’
      • ‘I'm under the covers for less than five minutes before I'm out for the count.’
      • ‘An apparent clash of heads in the tackle left the inspirational Kiwi out for the count and he was in no state to play any further part.’
      • ‘It knocked him upside the head and he was down for the count.’
      • ‘It's a nice morning on the Vancouver set of ‘Elektra,’ but Garner's laying flat on her back, down for the count.’
      • ‘With Miles down for the count, I expected some peering into how a coach completely reshapes his game plan, but that was absent here.’
      unconscious, comatose, knocked out, inert, insensible, senseless, insensate, insentient