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down in the mouth

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  • Unhappy; dejected.

    • ‘he is not down in the mouth about it at all’
    • ‘many of them are feeling pretty much down in the mouth’
    • ‘Yet he still managed to find something to be down in the mouth about.’
    • ‘It seems that City stockbrokers are a little down in the mouth.’
    • ‘She seems to accept it though and isn't getting too down in the mouth about it.’
    • ‘Watkinson said: ‘Against Essex we were up against a side full of confidence and looking forward to a cup final, while maybe we were a bit down in the mouth after losing in the semi.’’
    • ‘When Rena visited me the other night, she was down in the mouth about something.’
    • ‘Later on I learned that Steiger almost always was down in the mouth and, if he was in a good mood, had a wistful look about him.’
    • ‘I was down in the mouth, feeling as though I had nothing going on in my life.’
    • ‘If you were down in the mouth over something, he'd come and snuggle up to you and give you a kiss.’
    • ‘Consequently, high street spending is likely to stay challenging as long as consumers remain down in the mouth.’
    • ‘It is no wonder that the Government is a little down in the mouth this week.’
    unhappy, dejected, sad, miserable, down, downhearted, downcast, depressed, blue, melancholy, gloomy, glum, dispirited, discouraged, disheartened, despondent, disconsolate, with a long face, forlorn, crestfallen, woebegone, subdued, fed up, out of sorts, low, in low spirits, in the doldrums, heavy-hearted
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