Definition of down the middle in English:

down the middle


  • Divided or dividing something equally into two parts.

    ‘draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper’
    • ‘the country's split down the middle on this thing’
    • ‘The two-ref system sees the soccer pitch divided down the middle, from goal to goal, by an imaginary line.’
    • ‘An idea is to split the trailer down the middle and divide into compartments.’
    • ‘With the nation divided down the middle, it was proof that Democrats should take nothing for granted.’
    • ‘These two divide their page down the middle, one column each, and blog independently of each other.’
    • ‘There must be a magic line down the middle of the street that divides the good air from the bad air.’
    • ‘He jumps to his feet and draws an imaginary line down the middle of the table.’
    • ‘The road is narrow, admittedly, but there is a white line down the middle.’
    • ‘Within a week, he said, there'll be a chalk line down the middle of the living room, with one of you on either side.’
    • ‘On the second mirror a thin line is placed running down the middle from top to bottom.’
    • ‘One has to have a central line down the middle of the book to hold the design together.’