Definition of down to the wire in English:

down to the wire

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  • Used to denote a situation whose outcome is not decided until the very last minute.

    • ‘it was probable that the test of nerves would go down to the wire’
    • ‘Many games especially those with playoff implications will go right down to the wire and be decided by a handful of points.’
    • ‘It could go down to the wire, but the Swedes could just hold their nerve best either in extra-time or penalties.’
    • ‘The game went down to the wire, each team trading baskets until we were tied at 80.’
    • ‘Malls, merriment and mayhem - for Brittany, Christmas shopping was down to the wire.’
    • ‘Roughly half the population will find that a sufficient reason to vote for him, and the election will go down to the wire.’
    • ‘But it will go down to the wire, and I think it'll be a very exciting month that we've got ahead of us.’
    • ‘It's getting down to the wire at the World Trade Organization talks in Hong Kong.’
    • ‘Then again there's another 10 months to go so it's hardly down to the wire!’
    • ‘I have a feeling that if they'd been given half an eternity to sort it out, these two would have been arguing right down to the wire.’
    • ‘For the first time in years we had a game that went down to the wire and was actually exciting.’