Definition of down town in English:

down town


  • Into or in the centre of a town.

    ‘I went down town to do a few errands’
    • ‘The army mutinied and went down town in a show of strength.’
    • ‘Forget all your worries about teenagers not knowing the difference between Britney and Beethoven - all you have to do is go down town in festival Edinburgh to witness callow youth lapping up Schubert and Stockhausen.’
    • ‘And later this month, the 88-year-old will head down town for an evening of music celebrating the rock ‘n’ roll legend.’
    • ‘Last week I took the subway down town for an appointment with a lawyer.’
    • ‘We find the local population are very friendly towards us, especially when we go down town.’
    • ‘At the weekend if you went down town sober the behaviour of those out on a ‘bender’ would be very intimidating.’
    • ‘Loud, alcohol-fuelled rows which begin down town can be continued in the hospital.’
    • ‘We all met up in a bar down town sometime later, Chris got absolutely drunk and with that we headed home.’
    • ‘‘We're moving into an apartment down town,’ she said.’
    • ‘For your information I'm going down town with Alex.’